3 Ways to Accelerate Fatloss and Help You Keep it Off!

The three tips that we're about to share with you are so simple you’ll probably dismiss them and mutter to yourself “It can’t be this easy”

Well it is….

See here’s the thing, it’s not rocket science.

You might think it is, if you're anything like the people we've helped you're probably frustrated, confused about how to lose body fat.

But it doesn't have to be.

We've spent countless hours learning about energy pathways, biochemistry, hormones and supplementation, so that we can help you lose body fat and keep it off.

But even after learning about all these different topics we kept coming back to the same simple things and when we implemented these consistently with our clients, they all got results.

They didnt just drop body fat, but they felt better, they could think clearly, their skin cleared up and their energy didn't crash at 3 pm anymore.

Number 1 - Drink more water.

The human body is nearly 60% water…Yes 60%! This means over half of you is water. Guess what happens when that number starts to decrease due to dehydration? Things start slowing down, the big one is the liver. As dehydration starts to set in the liver begins to down regulate your fat metabolism to hold onto water for survival. One thing you don’t want if you’re trying burn that stubborn body fat before summer. To avoid this from happening women should be aiming for roughly 2.5 litres of water a day and men should be aiming for above 3+ litres. If you’re exercising this should be more.

Number 2 - Focus on the things you should eat, not the things you can’t.

Most people fall down because they cut all the processed foods they’re addicted too out of their diet and then obsess over the fact they aren't eating them. A great recipe to fall into the yo-yo dieting trap.

We agree that cutting the bad stuff out is the best thing to do, however, what really needs to happen at the beginning is a change in mindset. Start by adding not removing. Before we even begin eliminating anything with our clients we get them to add more vegetables to their diets. This helps to plug any nutritional deficiencies and also keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Number 3 - Consistency.

This is probably the hardest one for most people. Unfortunately going hard Monday to Friday doesn’t cut it. Sure, you can have a few beers on the weekend occasionally, but going out on Friday and Saturday night and eating and drinking whatever you want just won’t cut it.

You can't beat calories in / calories out. So when you train and eat well all week then go out for a few big meals, this can throw the whole balance out. This doesn't mean not going out and socialising it means you have to be smart with your food choices & know when to stop.

then we have you covered. Below is our fat loss cheat sheet that you can refer to whenever you're feeling confused or lost.

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