A 5 step guide to reaching your Fatloss goal

There is no better time than NOW

Fat loss is a journey, it’s not something that happens overnight. This is why it takes overall lifestyle changes as opposed to a quick bandaid fix. There are so many tools when it comes to fat loss and in this article I’d like to share with you some of my favourite techniques which I've used with hundreds of clients that you can put into action TODAY!

1. Clean out your pantry

It might seem a little like overkill but the first thing I want you to do is empty out your fridge and cupboards. Take everything out and put it on the bench, I want you to look at each item and make sure that it meets these 2 simple qualifiers:

Does it come from nature?

Has it been tampered with by man?

This spring cleaning of your pantry is going to result in a few really positive things.

You are now aware of what is actually in your pantry which will make cooking and shopping SO much easier

You no longer have all that unhealthy junk food hidden in the far reaches of the shelves only to be dug out on a quiet Friday night in

You have room for all the healthy new produce you’re about to buy, which brings me to my next point.

2. Restock your kitchen

Go to the supermarket, farmers market, green grocer or wherever you shop… It’s time to replenish your shelves. As you travel the supermarket you should be spending most of your time in the fresh produce section and secondly in the meat fridges. The same rules for throwing out food apply here for buying food. Ask yourself:

Does it come from nature?

Has it been tampered with by man?

When buying your vegetables try and make your fridge look like a rainbow, fill it with as many different colours as you can! By increasing the variety of your produce you increase the types of vitamins and minerals you will be consuming.

3. Increase your sleep quality

As we've spoken about in a previous blog post, high-quality sleep is paramount to recovery. It promotes the healthy development and restoration of muscles, bones and the nervous system. This is crucial to anyone who wants to burn fat or perform in the gym!

4. Find your motivation

Before you can really start smashing goals you need to identify what it is you are trying to achieve. In my experience the longevity of results is often associated with what motivates a person to change. Too often people have the idea in their head that having a beach worthy body will make them happy. Sometimes it takes a bit more than that. Take some time to really get in touch with yourself and work out what it is that will really make you happy and what that can do to motivate you.

5. Start a training program

Programming is super important! A structured program is an integral piece of the puzzle, by having an actual plan of attack you will have consistent results and you’ll be able to smash all of your goals. Resistance training is especially important as it helps to:

Increase lean muscle mass = increased fat burning ability

High intensity exercise = longer fat burning potential

Faster metabolism = increased daily caloric intake

So basically, by increasing your muscle mass you get to eat more and burn more fat at the same time. That’s pretty much the dream right?

Take these 5 simple steps and put them into action. By clearing away all that extra baggage (junk food, poor recovery, false goals and aimless training) and focussing on the positives you will be well and truly on your way to reaching your potential!

If you need help with any aspect of your health, fitness or nutrition please reach out to me.

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