Here's a small sample of all the legends achieving amazing results at Flow Performance 

My name is Justin Ross, I’m 29 years old. I’m a operations manager. I’ve been going to Flow Performance for 7 months. Before joining Flow I’d been dieting for months with little success, however since joining I have lost 15kg. I used to have little to no energy, snored really badly, craved (and ate) junk food all the time. Huge portion sizes too. I’d been like this for about 5 years or more.


Since losing 15kg It’s changed my life because I now have more energy and do not snore as much so my girlfriend gets a better nights sleep. Since joining Flow Performance I’m constantly hitting my goals I set for myself at the gym. Flow has taught me that a gym membership doesn’t need to be daunting or scary. Before joining Flow I was not into fitness at all, however I now go to classes 6 days a week as the classes are fun. Anyone can go to the classes at Flow Performance, regardless of your fitness level as the trainers are great at altering workouts to your fitness level.


My main regret about my journey is not joining Flow Performance sooner as they have helped me achieve my goals and are genuinely happy for me when I reach them. The trainers and other gym members are so welcoming and friendly. Flow Performance is more than a gym, it’s a community.


"Before I started at flow, I was constantly fatigued, and lethargic. I found It hard to sleep for longer than an hour every night, and it was giving me terrible anxiety. As for training, I have had a lot of injuries this year, ranging from slipping a disc in my back, to breaking my ankle. I was struggling to find any motivation to get into the gym, I found it extremely difficult to eat more than one meal a day, and was unable to drop below 80kg. 

Since I started training at flow, I’ve been able to learn how to sleep for 8 hours every night, I’m stronger, leaner, and healthier than ever. I’ve learnt how to eat properly and am eating more than ever before. I’ve learnt that eating the right amount of food has allowed me to increase my metabolism and this keep my energy stable and brain able to function.


The boys have taught me how to lift properly and I now feel a lot safer at the gym. It is not just the weight loss and fitness that I have gained from Flow. Mentally, I am a lot healthier. I am genuinely excited for the gym everyday, and always leave in a better mood than I arrived in. The community always puts a smile on my face, and it is never a bad thing to gain more mates!”


Only joined at the start of this year and have made so many great friends with some amazing people. Bellie and JC have formed such a great community at Flow.

Devastated I have to leave for now but I had set myself some little goals including a 100kg deadlift which I managed to achieve! And also a pull up which is still a work in progress! But not too far off.

I’m so much stronger and happier, both physically and mentally. I’ve learnt a heck of a lot and can’t wait to better myself everyday I haven’t even been super strict on diet and am seeing some great changes. I wasn’t going to share these progress photos until I had an amazing body but the changes I have made and will continue to make are all on account of this place!


My name is Ash, I’m 21 and have been training with the boys at flow for about 7 months! Before starting at Flow, I spent most of 2017 in and out of hospital, due to a new diagnosis of severe Crohn’s Disease. Having been through numerous forms of treatment, including a form of chemotherapy, my body was weak, tired and simple daily tasks would sometimes take me all day to complete. I Knew to regenerate my body, I had to build my physical and mental strength. The changes and progress I have made with flow has been huge. I’m physically the strongest I’ve ever been, have gone from not being able to complete one ring row, to working through muscle up progressions! Also, my attitude towards life and its obstacles has changed due to being surrounded by such a positive group of people almost


 every day of the week. Flow performance is the place to be if you’re positive, motivated, and ready to make changes with a like-minded group of people. It’s not for those who are driven by ego, leave that at the door! Coming in with an open mind to learn and grow is a must. Many people are or have been in the position I was in, and my advice would be to create an open mind set that welcomes a challenge, and the physical achievements will follow suit. Joining Flow was one of the best decisions I made and I can guarantee anyone thinking of joining will feel the same the minute the step in the door. You’ll leave every session feeling like you’ve just spent an hour with your best mates! 

My name is Mahli Lyons, I am 25, a waitress and have been training with Flow for nearly two and a half years. I didn’t have much idea about health and fitness and wanted to compete in a body building competition, I had no idea where to start. Before I started training with Flow Performance I was unhappy with my body fat percentage, had little idea of the correct foods I should be eating and could not put on muscle mass no matter how hard I trained.


Once I started training with Flow Performance I was able to put on 5kg of lean muscle mass and lose over 10% body fat in the span of four months. Now that my training is heading in the direction of training for happiness, health and longevity rather than aesthetics, Flow Performance has been able to adapt my program to suit my end goal.


I believe Flow performance is the perfect place for all ages to learn everything about health, fitness and just life in general. The boys make every workout more than enjoyable and without fail I walk out every single time with a smile 10x wider than when I walked in. Joining Flow Performance has to be one of the best things I have done in a very long time. The support you get from Jacob, Bellie and the Flow community is like no other, I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing community.

I've been with Flow for nearly 2 years now, before starting with them I had constant tightness and pain in my hamstrings and lower back pain.

I had been going to a gym for three years and not seen any results. This left me feeling frustrated and unmotivated. I was so focused on ‘losing weight’ that I would only do cardio and was too scared to go near weights because I didn’t want to gain weight.

These hamstring issues forced me to miss a couple games of netball and get a lot of physio work done on my hamstrings and back. This was an ongoing issue for a good year or so and interfered with everyday activities like walking around because I could feel a ‘twinge.’

From a wellbeing perspective, these problems had impacted me since I finished high school. I was so focused on losing weight and ‘being skinny’ that I was constantly calorie counting, hungry and making ridiculous sacrifices. Understandably, this had an effect on my self-esteem and body confidence. I was constantly comparing myself to other people and feeling down about it. I wanted to have a thigh gap, skinnier legs and a tiny waist/hips, and when I couldn’t achieve that by obsessively counting calories and doing ridiculous amounts of cardio, I would be incredibly disappointed and upset with myself.

Since joining Flow I’ve done a complete 180 since both physically and mentally.

My hamstring issues have completely disappeared.

I’m now lifting relatively heavy weights 2-3 times a week and building up strength and confidence. I’m more muscular now and have put on a kilo or two, but I know that I’m healthy and strong so that’s all that matters to me. It’s so amazing not having a life dictated by the scales and how much I weigh. I also put that down to having fantastic role models at Flow to look up to.

I eat a healthy, balanced diet and focus more on what’s in the food I’m eating as opposed to how many calories are in it. I also don’t hate myself or feel intense guilt anymore for having a cheat meal or a night out drinking on the weekend because I know I will go back to eating well the next day and during the week.
These changes have completely changed the way I live. I have never felt more confident or happy with how I look and, more importantly, how I feel. It’s incredible, and these changes have positively impacted my work, home life and relationships with friends and family.

Flow Performance is not for someone looking for a quick fix. It’s not a matter of knuckling down for a month or two to reach a goal. It’s a lifestyle and I’ve learnt to set small achievable goals and work towards them. It leaves you feeling a lot more satisfied at the end of each session and each week because you know you’re making progress.

Be patient. All your ‘problems’ you come to Flow with won’t go away in an instant. I had to work with the boys at Flow for a good six months on movement patterns and exercises until I could start lifting weights and really noticing the changes. Looking back, I now understand why this long build up was necessary, as my body was not ready to be thrown into weight lifting straight away.

I couldn’t recommend Flow enough. Flow isn’t your average gym – you don’t rock up to class and leave immediately at the end. Everyone knows everyone, you work out together, bring your dogs, sit around afterward, have a coffee together and a laugh. It’s like a second family. Best of all, the workouts are actually fun!!

It’s so nice not ‘dreading’ the gym like I used to. There’s always going to be days where you feel tired or lazy, but I know I’m always glad for going afterwards, as I feel great and know I’m working closer to achieving a goal I’ve set. If you’re looking to notice changes, feel better in yourself, become a healthier and stronger version of yourself and meet an awesome bunch of people, Flow is for you.

I've been training with Flow Performance for 6 months now.

Before I started with Flow, I didn’t have any significant health problems however I had a really low level of fitness, and I would get puffed walking upstairs.

Since joining Flow my fitness level has increased drastically, I had previously been to the gym but I found them very intimidating and wouldn't know how to train correctly or how to get results.

Since I’ve trained with Flow Performance I’ve gone from not being able to do the majority of movements in a class, to being able to do the movements, and sometimes even shocking myself with how much my strength has developed. Weight-wise,  I've lost two kilograms but I've been able to notice a real difference in my body composition and can see that I have become a lot more toned. More importantly, my energy levels are so much higher then they were before starting at Flow.

I would say the only person who wouldn’t succeed at Flow would be someone who isn’t willing to try. If you come to as many classes as you can and implement everything you're taught you will 100% achieve whatever your goal is

If someone was in the same position as me before starting at Flow I would tell them not to be scared and try it. Joining a gym and doing classes for the first time can be daunting. At Flow it really wasn't intimidating,  everyone is freindly and introduces themselves. Before a movement is started in a class the coaches explain it and tell us exactly why we are doing the movement. They also give examples of ways to make the movement easier or harder depending on your capabilities. This made me feel me comfortable and confident. When I started I imagined that I would just be sitting there unable to do anything and would end up feeling embarrassed and singled out. But that really doesn’t happen as the coaches give you individual exercises and everyone is working at different levels.

If I could give any advice to anyone who is thinking of joining Flow Performance, I would say this. Give it a go, after a week of being at Flow I had a new group of friends and I now get excited for the sessions each day.

There are no words powerful enough to describe the changes that being apart of Flow has made to my life.
I will list what's changed since joining.
i) Physical: Dropped over 20kgs, increased my lean muscle mass as well as elevating my strength and cardiovascular fitness to unforeseen levels
ii) Mental: learning how to push myself to the limit, when/how to regulate my intensity and recovery. Perhaps the most important thing though is I have learnt how to fail and bounce back
iii) Nutrition: complete transformation in my diet, which has been facilitated by Bellie and JCs vast knowledge of nutrition- including what to eat, when to eat it, in terms of my own unique performance goals.
iv) Other/Personal: Found love, new friendships and changed my relationship with alcohol
If I could offer any advice to anyone who is thinking of joining Flow I would say that, there is no investment like an investment in yourself.
Furthermore, I've learnt that taking a “marathon view”, i.e. sustained and consistent effort over time is the key. Also, train with others, but don’t compare yourself. Anyone can lose weight or stop a bad habit, but this is often not sustained.
At flow, I've learnt how to lay the foundations for a successful, indefinite lifelong journey of health and fitness.